a letter to my 16 y/o self... what i wish i'd known (collab with iridescent.photo.blog)


Hello and welcome back to the blog, or welcome if you are new! I’m here with another extra collab post, I have been working with Vivian and Sairah from iridescent.photo.blog to bring you this cross over collab! The girls have just finished secondary school and are about to start sixth form/college, and I have just finished sixth form, I got my A-Levels (literally yesterday as I’m writing this). So, I am writing a letter to my 16 year old self, of what I wish I’d known, and the girls will write a letter to their 18 year old selves, which they can refer back to when they are in my position! I will link all of their socials, as well as their blog and post down below!

Dear Amelia,

I know you’re petrified to start sixth form in a brand-new place, with so many new people, and with a dress code that you’re not so keen on! But I tell you now, you’re going to enjoy the 2 years (most of the time) and you actually really like the dress code once you put your own spin on it! The biggest thing you won’t know is that you’re not going to even take exams, which you will be very pleased about. Coronavirus will hit, meaning you finish sixth form 2 weeks after your 18th birthday, with no exams and no proper goodbye!

Next, don’t stress about making friends. They really did come and go throughout the 2 years, and really, you never fully belonged to a group! But that’s okay, you found a best friend whom you don’t see often (25 miles is a long way from your best friend), but it is still a strong friendship, and you vibe just as well on your own. You will really find your independence in year 13 and won’t mind just spending a lot more time with yourself.

You won’t know this yet, but year 13 is going to be a lot better, despite it being shorter and a lot harder. You feel a lot more confident, and there is hardly any drama with year 13! You finally get to grips with your subjects and start to really enjoy sixth form (apart from the early starts). Stick at it, it will all work out in the end šŸ˜Š

Another thing you should do is keep being yourself, the little geeky ‘teachers pet’ you are, as it really does work out for you! Not everyone in the year is going to like you and that is okay, their loss! But all of your teachers will like you, and love how hard you work!

Finally, you’re going to smash these two years, once you get to grips with the mark schemes (for PE and psychology anyway) and will smash it by getting A*AA and a distinction in the Pre-U qualification (it’s like an extended project). The hard work will all pay off and you’ll get into your firm university!

Don’t stress, just enjoy it, it’ll all be worth it in the end!

I hope you enjoyed this little extra post; I have loved writing this and reflecting on the past 2 years! Please go check out the girls’ post, I will leave their links below! A big thank you to Vivian and Sariah for working with me on this collab, I am so excited to read your post!


The Girls’ Blog: https://iridescent.photo.blog/

The Girls’ Post:

The Girls’ Insta: https://www.instagram.com/iridescent.photo.blog/

Also a good luck to anyone getting GSCE results tomorrow! Since the new update with the centre assessed grades being used, I hope your teachers have been fair with your grades! You will all smash it!

mills x


  1. Loved reading this xx
    I think your past self is proud of you

    1. thank you so much! i'd like to think she would be! x

  2. This was such a cute read - I'm glad you had a good college experience and CONGRATS ON GETTING YOUR A-LEVELS BACK! XX

    mia // https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com/

  3. Oh, this is very sweet. Strange looking back on years that have passed, isn’t it! I bet it must feel like yesterday that you were sixteen. I’m glad you’ve seen so much growth and happiness along the way to bring your beautiful and ever evolving self xx


    1. thank you! it was very exciting but strange to look back on those past 2 years, a big thank you girlie! xx


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