how i plan for a productive day

As most people know, I am a very productive person, and taking days off is something I really don’t like doing. The day I’m writing this I’m recovering after having a very rough day where I was stuck in bed all day, where I just slept and watched Riverdale all day :(( So today, I am motivated to get back to it, but am resting too! These tips are for a perfectly productive day, with minimal distractions! These small tips really help me to enhance my productivity, and I’m hoping they can do the same for you!have a planner and plan the week beforeAs previously mentioned, I use the Yearly Planner from Ink Outside the Box, and I love this to plan out my weeks! Ideally, every Sunday I write in my blog work for the week, any academic work I want to get done, as well as any shifts I have in my part time job. This helps to give an overview for the week, and helps me see what needs to be done. As well as this, on a Post-It note, I write down my goals for the week, as this helps me to stay focus…

mental health in isolation (tips + advice)

With Mental Health Week being last week, I thought this post couldn't come at a better time...Isolation can be a stressful time for some, and don’t get me wrong, I haven’t had the easiest time with my mental health during this time, particularly at the end of last month. I am happy to say my health has improved a lot since then and I’m here to share some of my tips for anyone is struggling. As always, my messages on Instagram and Twitter are always open for anyone who just wants someone to talk to, as I know isolation can feel lonely. As always, these tips may not work for everyone, but these personally worked for me when I was going through a rough time! 1Keep DistractedThis is a key one for me. If I just binge Netflix all day (as appealing as that sounds), it would just allow me time to think about how bad things are. By keeping productive, it is a way to keep your mind distracted from a dark place. Just writing a small list every day keeps your motivation up, and sets a small n…

my style wishlist (urban outfitters, stradivarius, bershka)

I am such a sucker for a bit of retail therapy and I am always on the lookout for some bargains, so I keep a lot of wish lists on the fashion apps I have on my phone. I’m hoping one day I can buy all of these, but I’m really trying to save for university at the moment! Lockdown isn’t doing me any favours though, as I cannot stop spending! That being said, I have just returned 2 items as they didn’t fit very well :(( I have picked 3 items from 3 of my favourite shops, so if I decide to do a part 2, they’ll be a few more shops and items I can happily talk about!
urban outiftters
·adidas originals 3-stripe pants
I loveee these, and for someone who lives in comfy clothes, these would be perfect! I love the logo and 3 stripe detailing down the legs, and I live in black so honestly these are amazing!
·iets frans… cream panelled rugby top
iets frans is one of my favourite brands, and I love the style of their clothing, specifically this top! I love the combination of colours and the strip acr…

my current music faves!

As I have discussed on my Instagram in the past, I have a big love for music, and I spend a LOTTT of time on my Spotify account. I have recently found some new songs that I am really enjoying so I want to share them! My music taste really varies but at the minute I would say I’m quite enjoying rap as a genre (which I usually don’t). You will find that all of my songs are very upbeat, as I always like to be in a happy mood!
power is power: sza ft the weeknd & travis scott
This was on my fave artists playlist, and when I listened recently, something about the song just made me turn the volume up fully (probably because the weeknd is in it). The word power in the song really does make me feel powerful and the combination of artists is amazing!
boogie: brockhampton

Despite all the allegations and drama that this band have caused, I am still very much a fan of their music! It really does pick me up and their sound is so unique. This is my current favourite from the band but I do really li…

productive day + a lie in... (let's find a balance)

It is fair to say my routine hasn’t stuck since going into lockdown, and I have been sleeping in a lot later and going to bed later. BUT… I’m still productive (at least on most days). How does this work I hear you ask??? Well I’ve got some tips that will help you stay productive and motivated as well as enjoying a lie in! I do understand that not all of these tips will help everyone but these are the ones that personally work for me!

-find your most productive hours
This does take some time to understand, but since I have been lying in, I don’t get a lot done in the mornings, so will be most productive in the afternoon. This is because I spend some time getting ready, even though I don’t make loads of effort every day! I use the afternoon to get the majority of my tasks done, and if not all, the most important ones of the day will get done in this time. I will continue into the evening if need be, but I will leave the smaller tasks to this time, as they are easier to complete!

-plan the…