new music friday: first impressions!

Most people who know me know I am ALWAYS on the hunt for new music, so the New Music Friday playlist on Spotify really does me some favours! I had a look last Friday (the 14th) and picked out 10 songs, some by artists I have heard of, but some that I hadn’t (I just shuffled for this) and gave my review!

The main point of this post is to highlight this feature if you don’t already know about it, but to also give my opinion on the songs! I have decided to so a very raw reaction to the songs, as I just want to be more real on the blog, and if I get hyped, I get VERY hyped!


midnight sky- miley cyrus

first impression: a solid 8/10, loveee the slow section towards the end, a good badass bop as per, I’m a fan of her music in general and I do vibe well with the song


levitating- dua lipa ft madonna and missy elliott

first impression: love the crossover, dua lipa is on it with her music right now, missy elliott’s rap SLAPSSSSSS, not the biggest fan of madonna tho, 7/10


laugh now cry later- drake ft lil durk

first impression: not a bad song, but drake’s songs just begin to sound the same after a while in my opinion, probs won’t add to my liked songs, 4/10


hard on yourself- charlie puth, blackbear

first impression: LOVE the combination of these voices, I’m a blackbear fan, quite a chill song, I have a feeling it’ll grow on me, 6/10

tell me about it- ella eyre

first impression: another girly bop, love her voice on the whole, not my fave song of hers but I do love the lyrics! 7/10


can’t be saved- kiesza

first impression: powerful beat drop that I WASN’T expecting, do love how the song builds, haven’t heard one of her songs in a while, so was refreshing to hear her voice, 6/10


twelvemonth- rasharn powell

first impression: this song really fits the style that I have been loving at the moment, a relaxing voice with a good beat, haven’t heard much from this artist before but definitely on my radar, one of my faves from this selection, 9/10.

free- sequence, lukefly

first impression: not the biggest fan of rap but this isn’t bad, quite repetitive but catchy, again haven’t heard of the artists before, but would give a 5/10


more life- odeal

first impression: similar vibe to twelvemonth, the artists voice sounds SO familiar but I just can’t pinpoint it, but I do like it! Gives me summery and upbeat vibes, 6/10.

hey love- filous, the kooks

first impression: just not my vibe personally, very sorta indie (please don’t come for me indie people) but I need something with a stronger beat and this just ain’t it! 2/10.


I hope you liked my little review of the songs, if you check any of them out on Spotify come and chat in the comments with me! Have the best weekend,

mills x


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