3 ways to make your spotify 'aesthetic'

Music is something that makes me so happy, and you find me listening to it a lot of the time (as I’m writing this I have my summer playlist on), whether that be with my airpods in and being respectful to everyone, blasting out my records, or just having a party in my room (this happens more often than not!). I use and update my spotify account regularly, and like to keep it as ‘aesthetic’ as possible, and there are ways to do this. I will link my spotify below if you’d like any inspiration šŸ˜Š

1.      Update your playlists regularly.

New songs are released weekly, and you can often find songs that you forget about but never add them to playlists. By updating playlists, it means you’re not having the same selection of songs on repeat, which can eventually get boring. As well as adding new songs, removing songs you don’t like as much anymore or don’t fit a certain vibe in a playlist, it can help you to enjoy some playlists a lot more, rather than having to skip so many songs before finding one you actually want to listen to! Even sometimes removing playlists fully can feel freeing, I did this recently and now I have the playlists I actually listen to!

2.      Get wallpapers for your playlists.

I personally love doing this, I either take my own photos and edit them or take some from Pinterest that won’t be copyrighted! Having a theme makes your playlists look very clean and pristine and adds to the aesthetic.

3.      Use simple titles.

I feel like this is a personal preference, but having simple titles makes a playlist so much easier to understand and navigate. Most of mine come naturally to me, like most of my instagram captions, but if you look on apps like Pinterest, you are able to find some simple but clever names for different playlists. For me, simplicity is key.


So that’s my 3 ways I make my spotify aesthetic as such, I will link my account below, and as always if anyone has any songs they would recommend, leave them in the comments, it will be greatly appreciated! Have an amazing weekend,

mills x

spotify- https://open.spotify.com/user/31zg4ybow6cht5mtdkacrnw62cne?si=i5wSICJMRXa-iJNJ5Le58Q



  1. I didn’t know you could make wallpapers for your playlists!! I am totally gonna do that! Thanks for sharing :)

    Keeley xx

    1. i love doing it! i need to start taking pics for july's playlist! xx

  2. I love updating my playlists! I tend to change them up once a week, it's always fun discovering something new xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. oooo i haven't ever thought about doing it weekly but that sounds like such a good idea! might start trying to do it more often :)) i love finding new songs x


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