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When looking back on my return to blogging, I realised I haven’t actually shared too much information about myself. I’ve been back just over 2 months now, and felt a sort of ‘get to know me’ post is needed. I asked for questions on Instagram and got a fair few back so I’d just like to say a massive thank you to anyone who sent in a question!

Biggest Blogging Inspiration?

I would have to say my biggest inspirations are the two girls who got me started on blogging in the first place: Grace (Grace Kate) and Kate (LuxeKate). These girls are both my age so are relatable and both their Instagram and Blog posts inspire me to create some amazing content! I do also have another inspiration but isn’t a blogger, she is a YouTuber: Eve Cornwell. I love this woman. Her YouTube videos have inspired me to change my content as I have mentioned in last week’s post, and I love watching her deep dive case videos.

Do you have any pets?

I actually don’t have any pets, but would love a dog! It would be difficult to have a dog in my house, so I’m just hoping I can get one when I’m older.

What/Who inspired you to start blogging?

I feel like most people won’t know this but I actually started blogging in 2017, when I was 15. As mentioned above, I was inspired by Grace and Kate, reading their posts made me want to start my own blog and share my own content. I was and still am too scared to come on camera and talk, so a YouTube channel is out of the question. I felt like blogging was a better platform for me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, however have taken a fair few breaks from blogging, especially throughout sixth form!

Fave music? Styles, artists, etc…

I would say overall I listen to a lot of pop music, but my music style is a bit all over the place. I have 5 fave artists that I struggle to rank but they are: Billie Eilish, Halsey, The Weeknd, Post Malone and Brockhampton. I would say I’m also a big fan of Joji and Lauv, I really need to listen to more of their music! I do really like some rock/indie music too, and I love the good throwback tune every now and then!

What’s a pet peeve of yours?

I have a couple of pet peeves: know-it-all’s and slow walkers. Both just really annoy me!

Do you have the most amazing sister in the world? What’s the best thing about her?

10 guesses to who asked this question… But yes, I do is the answer, I’m very grateful to have her and we get along so well its kind of scary sometimes! She may look like my twin and is taller and looks older than me but I wouldn’t change anything!

Dream job?

I still don’t have an idea of where I’m going to end up after my degree but I would love to be a sport psychologist at the minute for some form of sports team, or I’d like to be doing research into the psychology of sport!

Have you got any A-Level advice?

I recently wrote a post on this that I will link here on how to survive year 13 but most of the advice can be applied to year 12 too! Keep on top of your assignments and homework, do further reading, ask for advice from the pupils in the year above and get help from your teachers!!!! Most students are more than willing to help, and your teachers are there for that, if you are stuck on anything, no matter how small, get help with it as A-Levels are pretty much non stop work! My messages are always open if anyone has any questions!

What things help you to stay motivated?

Usually the best things to keep me motivated are watching YouTube videos such as ‘get productive with me’ videos and ‘study with me’ videos. I also love looking at my Pinterest board which gives me a lot of motivation. I have a ‘productive moods’ board, which helps me to get motivated!

Real Nutella or White Hazelnut Spread?

This question came from my friend Boo, and I have thought so hard about this! I have to say I prefer Nutella over White Hazelnut spread. For those of you who don’t know, white chocolate hazelnut spread is sold in Morrisons and tastes like the inside of a Kinder Bueno which are one of my favourite chocolate bars! But it can get a little sickly after a while whereas Nutella I can just keep eating!

Fave food?

I am a huge foodie, so picking one food is so hard!!! I did an a-z of god tier foods a couple of weeks ago, and I struggled to pick one food for some of the letters! I think if I had to pick one food it has got to be mashed potato; I’ll happily just make a plate of it with some gravy and that’s my tea sorted!

What is your favourite film?

I’m not sure whether this will shock people but I’m not a romance film girl AT ALL. I am very into comedy and action, which matches with my favourite film: Deadpool. I love Ryan Reynolds in this, it is so funny!

Why did you start your blog?

The reason I started my blog, back in 2017 and the relaunch this year, is to help people, share my advice and experiences but to also make people smile. Smiling brightens the world a little bit and I love feeling and making people happy!


So that’s it for my little but classic Q&A, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this post! A big thank you once again to anyone who has sent in a question, I am very grateful! I will be back on Friday once again with a new post, have an incredible week, and if you're in the UK enjoy the sunshine this week!

mills x


  1. Aw I loved reading this post, got to love a good Q&A and I'm so happy I played a part in you starting a blog! It's the best thing I ever did!
    Grace xx

    1. a massive thank you, i wouldn't really be here without you! xx

  2. This was such a good read, I love a good Q&A haha! I completely relate with you about the whole YouTube thing, I hate hearing my own voice! Blogging is such a better for myself personally, and I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one!!

    Devanshi xx

    1. awh thank you! you're definitely not the only one, I just don't have that confidence to go on camera!

      mills xx


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