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As most people know, I am a massive food fan and have been eating a lot during this lockdown period, as there is nothing better to do! Everyone has their own ‘god tier’ foods, so I want to share mine today. This post is not my idea, I must credit the lovely Becca for this idea: I saw her post and loved it so much, so I really wanted to recreate it with my own foods!

Becca’s Post: https://www.becc4.co.uk/2020/04/a-z-of-god-tier-foods.html


A: apples (specifically pink lady)

Probably my favourite fruit (and I don’t really like fruits), but I love having an apple with banana and a sweet for a low-calorie breakfast!

B: bourbons

The BEST biscuits in my opinion, but is it pronounced ‘bour-BON’ or ‘bour-BUN’, who knows??

C: cheesecake

Best dessert going: at a restaurant, if cheesecake is on the menu, you know I’ll be having it! As well as this, I can make a pretty mean cheesecake myself!

D: dough balls

Specifically, garlic dough balls. Any form of garlic bread is amazing, and I love warm dough balls with a garlic butter!

E: espresso

I am a BIG fan of coffee, borderline addict at this point, so coffee had to feature in the post somewhere, even though it isn’t technically a food!!

F: fries

Man I’m missing McDonald’s fries, they truly are a god tier food!

G: gammon/garlic bread

This was such a hard pick and I really couldn’t choose between these two, garlic bread is one of the BEST creations on this planet, and gammon has got to be one of my favourite meats, which is a very unpopular opinion, I think!

H: haddock

This is my favourite type of fish, which takes me back to childhood as I love smoked haddock with fresh bread! Plus, with my area being known for fish and chips, haddock is such a great thing to eat!

I: ice cream

Ice cream is a beautiful creation and perfect at the minute with the warmer weather! I can’t describe it but it is just great.

J: jaffa cakes

Jaffa cakes are my weakness it is fair to say, so it is no question that they are in this list! My mum will read this and completely agree with me!

K: kebab

The only takeaway to make the list really, I do love a good kebab, especially if I’ve had a bad day, and it obviously has to be topped with garlic sauce!

L: leek

My favourite vegetable, which most people don’t understand, but I just find leeks sooooo nice!

M: mash (potato)

The god of god tier foods: mash. No lie I sometimes make a plate of mash and cover it in gravy and just eat that for my lunch! My love for mash has been plastered all over my private snapchat account too, I think people might be fed up of it now!

N: nuggets

I am so basic in the fact that I do love chicken nuggets, and again this is making me miss McDonalds! Paired with the sweet curry sauce, it is a match made in heaven!

O: oreo

I don’t really eat oreo’s as much as I should for them to be a ‘god tier’ food, however, if handed a packet, I will more than likely eat most, if not all of them!

P: pancakes/pie/potato

This was the TOUGHEST choice, as I love all 3 foods. I have eaten so many pancakes during lockdown, and I’m hoping to do the pancake cereal soon as it looks incredible! Pie is a beautiful creation, specifically a steak pie, with potato (mash is the best!).

Q: quavers

I feel like quavers are a very love/hate food, but I love them, and they would be the only crisps I would get out of the sixth form vending machine!

R: roasties

As already mentioned, I don’t know how many times, potato is a beautiful food and roast potatoes are a very big ‘god tier’ food for me!

S: shortbread (caramel)

Hands down, one of my favourite foods: I made my own at home recently and it was amazing! Just like cheesecake, if it’s there on the menu, I’ll be having it!

T: toast/twix

Again, another tough choice. I eat toast practically every day, and if you haven’t tried it, it tastes SOOOO much better in the evening! My second choice, a Twix, is so underrated as a chocolate bar!

U: ------

V: vanilla (cheesecake)

Vanilla is such a classic flavour and is so good, especially within a cheesecake, or ice cream!

W: white chocolate

White chocolate >>> milk chocolate, enough said!

X: ------

Y: Yorkshire puddings

A classic Yorkshire staple which I love is Yorkshire puddings, although I do have a question about them: does it go will all roast meats or just beef? My family have just beef, but my sister and I believe that we should have them more often!

Z: ------


I hope you enjoyed having an insight into my favourite foods! What’s your top 3 god tier foods?

By mills x


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