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It’s been a couple of months since I relaunched my blog now, and its fair to say I’m loving being back. When I started writing and posting again, I was just writing what I wanted to write in a variety of niche topics. But looking back on it now, I haven’t been writing the posts I am truly passionate about.

I recently wrote a post for another blog and I really liked exploring a different style of writing. It was very different and a lot more research based than just sharing my own opinion, and I found writing it a lot more enjoyable than some of the other posts I have previously written. This has allowed me to think so much more about my niche as a blogger: I don’t just want to be a lifestyle blogger anymore. ‘Lifestyle’ is such a broad topic and I believe sometimes you can lose yourself in it, which has previously resulted in me having writers block.

I am trying to avoid this and the best way of doing it is to change my niche: I have a passion for productivity, positivity and academia. I am a student blogger if you didn’t already know, but with my a-levels being cancelled I haven’t obviously been doing a lot of school work. I am hoping when I start university, I can start producing uni content, something which I am really looking forward to.

I want to start producing more inspiring, uplifting and helpful posts as I feel like it is the best use of this platform, as well as exploring topics I’ve rarely seen discussed in the blogosphere, as I just don’t fit the mould of a typical lifestyle blogger in my opinion. I want to be different. This means I’m going to try switching up my content in a couple of weeks, as I have posts planned until the end of June/beginning of July. These posts will be a lot more research based and may cover topics that can be considered controversial. I’m not however ruling out some of the content I have done in the past, but there will be less on the blog.

I do feel like finding this niche may take a little while so please bear with me, which also means that I am cutting down to 2 posts per week, every Monday and Friday at 12pm. Some of the more researched topics will take some time to plan and write, hence why I’m cutting down on posts. My plan for any other posts i.e. collabs will be posted any time suited to the blogger I am working with.

Since returning, I haven’t given much thought to collabs as I wanted to discover what I am passionate about and build up a small following. However, now I have built up this following and am finding my niche, I am open to collabs, so if any bloggers would like to work with me in the future, I am more than happy to do so! With the post I have written with a fellow blogger (to go up this Wednesday (17th)) I thoroughly enjoyed the experience so over the summer I am hoping to get working with a lot more people, so I better get planning…

I’d also like to say a massive thank you for 200 followers on Instagram. I haven’t always been the most active person on the platform so this does mean a lot! Onwards and upwards as always 😊

Just a massive thank you to everyone for the continued support, the journey will certainly not be over here! I will be back on Friday with a new post,

by mills x


  1. Sounds like such a good idea, excited to see the changes!! Also, I’d love to collab :)

    Keeley xx

    1. thank you so much my lovely! can't wait to get planning with collabs!!! x


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