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Hello and welcome back or welcome to the blog! I feel like I haven’t done an update on my general life in a while and due to being a bit quiet on social media recently, I felt this post couldn’t come at a better time! I have a few points (to do with the blog and life) I’d like to update you on, to explain what the future plans are for the blog, as well as just a general life ramble!

The first and probably the most major point I would like to make is to say that I am not going to be very active this week, and there is only going to be this post going live this week (this one), as I am participating in an online summer school in preparation for university. This was meant to be in my chosen destination but obviously corona has cancelled it (like everything else in the future right now), so I am having to sit at my desk for the week in online lectures and seminars. Due to the intense timetable us psychology students have been given; I am going to focus on completing this work rather than my blog being my focus. I have to pass this summer school successfully in order to receive a lower university offer (which I would really like)! I am going to try to be as active as possible but please bear with me for this week: I am still continuing to write/edit posts, just won’t be uploading until next Monday (6th July).

In the spirit of uploading, I would also like to address the lack of Instagram content recently. I posted for the first time in about 3 weeks, last Thursday, and to be honest, I’ve just not been feeling posting content. I understand this means my engagement will be suffering a little, but I haven’t actually wanted to post! I like to keep my Instagram more minimalistic, and don’t like to clutter my feed with random posts. To be honest my life isn’t that interesting and I don’t want to bore you with it! I am going to post more regularly (I hope), but I will continue to post on my stories regularly!

I’d also just like to mention that this post signifies the end of the broad ‘lifestyle’ content, and as mentioned on my ‘times are changing’ post, I am beginning to create content that I am truly passionate about (not to say I haven’t been passionate about my previous posts), and I am so excited to bring this side to the platform!

In terms of the summer, we are still in lockdown which really sucks, as I want to travel to see my friends: a lot are long-distance! I have been making the most of the sun though this last week, and have caught a great tan (if I do say so myself), because this gal doesn’t even tan on holiday! After 4 days of British sun, I have a better tan than I did after a week in Marbella last year! The sun really does boost my mood, so have been loving life at the minute 😊

Ending on another high note, I have been working out a lot more recently, and have been loving it! I started a few weeks back with some small and less intense workouts, and have been increasing the intensity gradually. I have been creating my own workouts which I am thoroughly enjoying. As I begin to make more progress, I may write a blog post on these workouts, or just my fitness journey in general, so let me know whether you’d like to see that!

I hope that everyone is doing well, have an amazing week, will be back in a week with the start of new content!

mills x


  1. This has reminded me to work out too, haha! I’m so bad at getting around to it πŸ™Š

    So glad to hear that exciting things are coming up for you. You’ve got this no matter how uncertain times are right now!

    1. aww thankyou maryam! i'm excited to be back! x


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