my june goals: have i achieved them?

At the end of last month, I set some goals to keep me on track during the month of June, as looking back on May, it wasn’t exactly the best month for me, and I didn’t want June to be a repeat of that. I decided to write this post to document my progress, as I like to try and keep my little internet bubble somewhere positive and somewhere that I can encourage growth, self-love and progression in all areas of life!

I set 5 goals at the end of May, and looking back on the post I wrote, I feel like I have been quite successful (without spoiling too much…)

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goal one- to keep my mental health up

This goal was the key one for me, and I’m so happy to say I have achieved this! Of course not every day is perfect and I have had a few wobbles, particularly the few days before the beginning of my period (I’m so emotional at that time and can’t lie I hate it), but that was near the start of the month and as I’m writing this, I’m honestly the happiest I’ve been in a couple of months which is amazing, I’ve just learned to take more time for myself and it has really helped.

goal two- improve my fitness

I will just be brutally honest on here and say the reason behind this goal was a comment made by a family member on my weight back in May, it really affected me mentally and I have been wanting to do something about it ever since: so, I did. I started working out I think 3 weeks ago now, just using workouts I have found on the internet, and I have been loving it! Over this week I have started creating my own workouts as the ones I were following didn’t fully suit me, and I am excited to start seeing some progress! As well as general fitness, I mentioned improving my flexibility and I have managed to keep this up: I can still do the splits all 3 ways which is pretty good considering I haven’t done too much work since April!

goal three- try and save as much as possible

I have to say I have not achieved this goal. This month was big for me as I managed to achieve a money goal I have been wanting to hit for a while now, however, my spending habits have really not been the best. The combination of summer sales and the reopening of shops means that I have spent a larger sum of money in the past couple of weeks than I have done in the rest of lockdown! I think now I have treated myself; my spending habit will decrease and hopefully I can keep saving for university!

goal four- have a deep clean of my room

Again, another goal achieved (we’re doing so well here!). I had a huge declutter of clothes, although the combination of recently being given hand-me-downs and my current spending problem means my wardrobe has filled up once again! I have managed to keep it organised which is better than having a huge clutter of clothes. I have also tackled under my bed which wasn’t as big a task as I first thought, so I have managed to declutter my room very well!

goal five- create a proper blog schedule

I mentioned this in my ‘times are changing’ post: I was changing my blog schedule from every 3 days, to 2 uploads a week (Monday and Friday), as I wanted to start creating posts with a lot more research into them, and as the famous saying goes, quality over quantity. These are to be posted at 12pm BST on these days, unless stated otherwise! I am happy with this schedule and so far it seems to be working really well!

After reviewing all of these goals and writing this post, it is fair to say I am one happy gal! I’m hoping I can make progress on all of these goals soon, and this will help me to keep my motivation levels up 😊 if you set goals for the month, did you achieve them? Let me know in the comments! Have a lovely week,

mills x


  1. Good job with your goals!! ��

    Keeley xx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your family member commenting on your weight! But glad to see you had such a productive month! Love ticking loads of things off your mental to do list!

    Katie |

    1. to be fair of all people to say it i wasn't surprised on who it was! thank you ever so much! making lists is literally my favourite i love it! x

      mills x


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