1 month until university...

So, the countdown begins… I have just over a month until university. I am moving to Newcastle on the 26th September, and I am extremely excited! There are obviously some nerves and a few worries but I am trying to put them behind me, but for the most part I am excited!

I am extremely lucky that I have an incredible group that I have become so close with over lockdown, and it makes me a lot more comfortable about making friends going into uni, a special mention to Jodie, Esta and Harry (I know you read these posts and I love you all for it), who have just made me look forward to university that much more! Needless to say, everyone in the group is incredible. I have also been lucky that I have been an admin for NCL applicants for about 6 months now, and it has been a pleasure getting to know people! As well as this, I have actually gone to meet a few people who I am spending the next year(s) with, and as this goes live, I’m meeting another one of my closest friends!

Next, I am off for the big IKEA shop tomorrow, something I have always looked forward to in the years leading up to uni! I have a few ideas for my room but I am just planning on keeping it minimalist and monochrome, with a few plants and photos. I think a room tour will be coming to the blog in early/mid October but my plan before I leave is to bulk write posts, so we will have to see! I am not releasing the actual accommodation I am in because of privacy reasons, but I do have an en-suite, something which I wasn’t expecting but was allocated, so it makes me very happy!

After I move in, teaching actually doesn’t start for 3 weeks so I get time to get myself used to the city as well as preparing for when the teaching actually does begin. My plan is to just get back into a routine, get used to living on my own and get into the gym! (I know who am I?) After starting to get into a fitness routine during lockdown, I have been itching to start the gym. It does make me nervous as I’ve never actually been to the gym before but I am looking forward to trying out. Everyone says university is about trying something new and for me this is just the start!

I am starting to prepare for university already, at the start of lockdown I started on some of the psychology basics in preparation but I lost motivation with it. My plan as of September when my parents are working and my sister is in college is to start on some prep and I am hoping I have a reading list in time so I can get a head start on it! I am actually really excited to start working on academics again, I’m such a geek! I do just want to wish everyone the best of luck for the new academic year, whether you’re in secondary, college/sixth-form or university like myself!

How are you feeling about the next academic year? Do you have any goals for the year, if so, let’s have a chat in the comments! Have the best week,


mills x


  1. I'm so excited to start university too, best of luck with the move girl!
    Grace xx

  2. Oh I wish you so much luck! I wish it was in happier times. I remember how I felt about going off to school and how excited I was.

    Allie of

    1. thank you! it's not going to be the same but i'm sure i'll make the most of it! xx


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