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Welcome back to my blog for this little extra mid-week post, once again a music one (yes, I’m obsessed, we’ve established this already!) This post is actually a collab with the insanely talented Victoria from The Cozy Potato: both her and I are big music fans so I thought it would be a fun idea to each pick 10 songs we really like and get the other to review them, in the hopes that we were able to discover new artists we really like, and songs we could add to our Spotify playlists!

I would like to thank Victoria for working with me on this, I have loved listening to your songs (without giving too much away!) I will link her blog, her collab post and her Spotify below! Please go check them out she deserves all the support!

death was arrested (north point worship)

I first listened to this song and I feel like I’ve heard it before, but I can’t pinpoint where, but this has a very chill but uplifting vibe to it, and it does put a smile on my face! I am definitely finding a place for this in a playlist somewhere.

in your arms (illenium, x ambassadors)

I do love both of these artists so seeing this collab on Victoria’s list made me very happy. I haven’t heard of this song either, but again, listening to it, I felt like I heard it somewhere. I love this one because it has an amazing beat drop, something which a lot of my favourite songs have! I can’t lie this song is very catchy too, I think it’ll be a new addition to my liked songs 😊

no time to die (billie eilish)

For those of you who don’t know, I am a BIG Billie Eilish fan, so any song of hers is right up my street! I know this came out back in February, and the day of release it was in my liked songs, and still is, I love how the song builds (which is normal for a Bond song to be honest), and the final part gives me goosebumps every time it’s so good!

where’s my love – acoustic (syml)

This song really fitted the vibe of where I was at the time of listening, it is so chill and relaxing, but reminded me of travelling (which is the vibe), so I really found this song an amazing one to listen to, once again will be another addition to my chill playlist!

sober (demi lovato)

I have heard of this one before on the radio, but never chose to listen to it (like it’s not in any of my playlists) but listening to it more opened my eyes up to it: I think it would be a good song for me to dance to (when I get back into choreography), as the song holds a lot of emotion and I really like that about it!

out of focus (chelsea cutler)

I am in love with this woman’s voice, I just think it is incredible, and I once again, really liked this song 😊 It is chill but has a good beat to it which I really like, and will be a song I will listen to in the future.

you should be sad (halsey)

Just like Billie, I am a BIG Halsey fan too! So again, I have a similar feeling to her music as I do with Billie’s. This isn’t one of my favourite Halsey songs, but it doesn’t make it any less of a tune, I love how powerful Halsey is with her music, and I am still gonna listen to her songs in the future!

oblivion (bastille)

I actually saw Bastille last December in my home town, and I loved it so much! It definitely got me back into their songs, but I actually don’t think I’d listened to this before. This is a very relaxing song and I do love the voices, but for me there’s something missing, I’m just not sure what! This is nothing against Victoria’s taste, because everyone has their own preference, and you’re not expected to like everything!

lost in the moment (nf, andreas moss)

The contrast between these 2 artists is insane for this track! I do like NF, but have never heard of Andreas Moss before, but his voice is beautiful. NF is super talented and very underrated in my opinion; I think this song will grow on me over time but my first impression is that it is an incredibly powerful song!

found (chris renzema)

I like how soft and gentle this song is, I need more of this sort of music in my life, listening to the lyrics properly makes me happy too, and I feel like that is when you can relate to the song and vibe with it!

Overall, I have loved this selection of songs, and I have definitely found a few new favourites! Again, I’d like to thank Victoria for working with me on this post, I am very excited to see what she thought of my selection of songs! I will have all of her links down below! 

Victoria’s Blog:

Victoria’s Post: 



 I hope you have the most amazing day as always,

mills x


  1. Chelsea cutler and Halsey are both so talented! Right now I’m enjoying indie folk music and lots of similar chill music playlists.

    1. i really love both, and yesssss i really love a good chill playlist! x


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