i'm taking a break...

This post has been a while coming by the time I come to write it. As most of you know, I move to university in about 3 weeks, and I have a lot of prep to do, it is a big life change for me and I want to be prepared. When I start university, I don’t have teaching for about 3 weeks, which gives me time to get used to my new home technically for the year, explore the city but also get ahead on blogging.

I have decided my way forward is to bulk write posts before I go and before teaching starts so that I have content to be producing over the next coming months. I do just want to say, please bear with me up until Christmas as I am unsure on how busy my schedule will be! My rough plan for now is 1 post per week, unsure on the day at this point but I will confirm on my Instagram (if you’re not following, I’ll link below!). Also, if you would like to see anything specifically, let me know on the comments!

The next point I’d like to address is some research I did a few weeks back, I wanted to do an evaluation to see how much you are enjoying the blog and my Instagram pages, and I was happy with the results to say the least! I also came across some issues with the site while I was trying to update it, and because I’m not a master in coding, I really struggled with this. So, another reason I am taking this break is to switch sites. I am moving to Wordpress (I hope). I want more control over my site and Blogger isn’t doing that for me, so this means a change is needed! I have a bit of research to do which is why I’m taking these 2-3 weeks off, to learn about the new site, get used to it and create something I am proud of! I wanted to make this switch before university, because I don’t want to be mid-term, busy with assignments, and with a site that is half finished!

Finally, I need a break. I have been consistently posting 2-3 times a week since mid-April, and as much as I have loved this, I have started to lose motivation, particularly with my Instagram. I feel that breaks in this community are needed and shouldn’t be frowned upon, we are human after all. I’m coming back with fresh content, fresh ideas and hopefully a new site!

So, for now, goodbye from me. I am still going to be producing some Instagram content so please follow me on there to stay updated with everything that’s going on! Also if anyone has any tips for Wordpress (I’m going to try transfer all my posts), please let me know in the comments! I should be back in 2 or 3 weeks’ time, just want to say a big thank you to everyone for the support so far,


mills x

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