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Hello and welcome back or welcome to my blog! Today I’m bringing a post I have wanted to write for such a long time, and has been some time in the making. Piercings are quite a big thing for me personally, and I have quite an extensive amount (currently I’m up to 9 on both ears, as of last Tuesday). I also wanted to write this post to give my reviews (and an added pain scale, 1 being low and 10 being high) to each piercing I have, in case anyone is doubting a piercing. This is something I am so passionate about, so I’m happy I can share this here!

Left Ear

My left ear is a lot more decorated than my right, as it holds 6 piercings in total. I love the way this ear looks, and it has taken a good year and a half to build it up. As I have my first and second lobe piercings on both ears, I will talk about all of my cartilage piercings on this ear.

All of my helix/cartilage piercings were done locally at a piercing studio (which I shall not name for security reasons), and the majority are completed with needles. Getting cartilage piercings done with a piercing gun can be a lot more painful, but also extremely damaging to the ear cartilage itself. It is also unhygienic as the same gun can be used on multiple ears. Needles (although they are quite scary) are a lot safer and more hygienic, and to be honest, I wish I had all of my piercings done with a needle.

On my left ear I have 4 helix piercings. The first 2 I have at the top is known as a double helix. I got these done at separate times, but felt similar amounts of pain when I got them done. I have black bars through these, and I love this look, as it contrasts from most of my silver piercings. Pain Scale: 5/10.

The next piercing, I have at the bottom, is a low helix. I wanted a 3rd lobe piercing but my lobes are too small So I decided to go for a low helix to create the look. As there is little cartilage, I didn’t feel a lot of pain with this, I’d say just a small amount more than a lobe piercing. I opted for a silver bar which matches my lobe piercings. I would say that this one has healed although I can’t take the bar out at the moment! Pain Scale: 3/10

Finally, I have a forward helix piercing at the top of my ear. This was done just before lockdown so it is still healing but I love the way this looks! I expected this to hurt more than it actually did, and I came out and went to my best friend ‘that actually didn’t hurt loads!’ and I think he was pretty shocked! Again, I went for a silver titanium bar for this, and what I love about this is that the bar is actually curved, so it fits really snugly in my ear! Pain Scale: 4/10

Right Ear

My right ear is far less decorated, just with 3 piercings, including my first and second lobes. Both my first and second lobes were done locally once again, but at different places to the piercing parlour I currently go to.

My first and second lobes were done with a gun (which I do regret), but as there is no cartilage in the lobes, they really didn’t hurt in comparison to the others, although I don’t remember much about my 1st piercings, as I was only 11. The earrings I have on here are from Bershka (both the hoops and the smaller moon hoop). Pain Scale: 2/10.

Finally, the most recent piercing I got was my rook. I was extremely nervous to get this done as I heard it was going to be extremely painful. It was quite painful and my ear is sore right now but I actually love how this looks! Again, like the forward helix piercing, I have the curved titanium bar in, and it looks really big in my tiny ear. I’m now going to proceed to stare at it for ages! Pain Scale: 7/10

One thing I do want to mention is that everyone deals with pain differently. As you can tell, I don’t think getting piercings is that painful as my ratings are pretty low, but it is just personal preference and tolerance to pain!

I am not done with piercings, I know that for sure, but I will give it a few months before I get another one done. Have you got any piercings? Or are there any you’d really like to get? Let’s have a chat in the comments! Have a fab week,

mills x


  1. Oh My God! So many piercings! I’m in love with those but i can get sensitivity whenever i use that and now i don’t wear it anymore. But seeing you wearing that is so awesome! I’ve never known how people with so many piercings would say and comment about their experiences but now i know it from you! Btw, i love it! xx

    1. awww thank you! this means a lot, i am so passionate about piercings and i loved writing this post! xx

  2. I loved this post! I've been wanting to get my rook done for ages, but just never seem to get around to booking it, but this is definitely a reminder that I need to get it done!
    Grace xx

    1. thank you so much lovely!! and yessss do it, you won't regret it! xx

  3. Wow, so many piercings!
    Absolutely love how you style your ears, nice ear stacks ;)

    INXSKY | Gold Stackable Rings


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