the 'perfect' day

Perfectionism. A concept. Something that most strive to achieve, but is impossible to reach. So, I ask: what is the perfect day? The simple answer, even though it is pessimistic, is that it doesn’t exist. But we all have our ideals, and concepts that we aspire to achieve to create that ‘perfect’ day.

The idea for this post came to me this time last month, when the sun was out daily, I was working on the blog productively, and getting a tan! For about a week this was an absolute dream, I thought to myself ‘is this the perfect day?’

Personally, the perfect day for me is a productive one. I thrive so much better when I’m working and being productive, particularly as it keeps my mental health up, which is unfortunately suffered a lot during this lockdown period. As well as it being productive, also good weather helps. Seeing the sun makes me so much happier, as I can work outside at our table, with a coffee, and then I can top up my tan.

Furthermore, the perfect day for me includes a cute outfit and some good music. If it’s warm I’ll most likely choose cycling shorts and a cute tee, or if it’s colder, either a cute pair of trousers or my baggy jeans and a top. Either way, if it looks cute, I’ll really like it! Music is such an influence on my mood and it makes me so much happier, so if I have some good music on, I am happily enjoying my day!

my feel-good songs at the moment include:

  • SHY by The Magician feat, Brayton Bowman
  • Own It by Stormzy, Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran
  • do re mi by blackbear

It doesn’t take a lot to keep me happy, but then again one thought can send me into a spiral, so keeping myself distracted helps so much!

So, it makes me think… Does the perfect day exist? There is no ‘perfect day’ that suits everyone. My perfect day won’t be the same as your perfect day: it’s all subjective. But maybe there are some things you can do to try and get as close to perfect as possible.

tip no.1- work out what type of day you prefer

Are you an early riser, or are you a night owl? Do you like being productive or lazy? Do you like to be social or do you prefer your own company? These are all questions you should ask yourself when working out how you want to make your day ‘perfect’.

tip no.2- find the things that make you happy

As I mentioned above, music, food and a cute outfit keep me happy. If what makes you happy is working out, DO IT, if its binge-watching Harry Potter films all day, DO IT, even if it’s taking a nap, DO IT! It’ll all help you stay happy, and that is the key.

tip no.3- get out of your comfort zone

The best way to increase your confidence levels is to try something new, even if it may seem scary at first! You will feel so much better for doing it, and it’ll also open your eyes to a lot more opportunities than before!

So hopefully all of these can contribute to the ‘perfect’ day. I’d love to know your experiences: have you had a perfect day? I hope you have all had an amazing week, stay safe,

mills x


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