ootd: jumping on the cycling shorts trend

Hey, welcome back or welcome to my blog! I am an avid lover of fashion, and I have been switching up my style recently, and after investing in a few new pieces, as well as receiving a load of hand me downs about a month ago now, I’m loving my new style. I am trying to venture out a lot more and have been loving it! Layering, patterns and wide leg trousers seem to be my favourites, but I’m getting off track now. Today I’m here with an ootd post, one that features an item I never thought I’d wear, and as a matter of fact, now love.

Cycling shorts are the key with this outfit. I just have a plain black pair on, from Primark, that I am going to invest in for a longgggg time! These are an XS on me, and fit really well! I also own a grey pair, but I really want to buy more. There was a time where I said ‘I’d never wear cycling shorts, they look awful’. But times have changed and I am now loving it!

I paired these shorts with one of my favourite tops from Bershka, I feel like I belong on Rory the Racing Car with this top, but it is so comfy and fits perfectly. I love Bershka’s quality and some of their pieces are to die for!

When it comes to accessories, I wore these long socks, also from Bershka, that have a cute blue heart on them <3, and I just folded them over. I wore most of my usual jewellery, my name necklace and my 3 stars necklace, both from local jewellers, as well as my ear piercings. Of the 2 I can change, I wore a small moon hoop earring, as well as a larger plain silver hoop (Bershka again). I love accessorising and it makes an outfit stand out so much more in my opinion!

I have been loving this outfit recently, what has been your go to outfit at the moment? Have an amazing weekend, I will be back on Sunday at 10am with a collab post, rather than my usual Monday post!

mills x


  1. This outfit is gorgeous! I love cycling shorts, they're so perfect for summer and that casual look!
    Grace xx

    1. thank you so much Grace! I never thought I'd be a big fan but I'm obsessed! xx


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