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As I have discussed on my Instagram in the past, I have a big love for music, and I spend a LOTTT of time on my Spotify account. I have recently found some new songs that I am really enjoying so I want to share them! My music taste really varies but at the minute I would say I’m quite enjoying rap as a genre (which I usually don’t). You will find that all of my songs are very upbeat, as I always like to be in a happy mood!

power is power: sza ft the weeknd & travis scott

This was on my fave artists playlist, and when I listened recently, something about the song just made me turn the volume up fully (probably because the weeknd is in it). The word power in the song really does make me feel powerful and the combination of artists is amazing!

boogie: brockhampton

Despite all the allegations and drama that this band have caused, I am still very much a fan of their music! It really does pick me up and their sound is so unique. This is my current favourite from the band but I do really like a lot of their music! Would recommend!!!!

panini: lil nas x

This song has really grown on me, I did not like it the first few times I listened but over time I have played it so much more and loved it! I love the combination of the rap and the actual singing (I know nothing about music lol), my only negative about the song is that it isn’t long enough :((

run: joji

Again, another song that has grown on me: I am a big fan of Joji’s music and have a few of his songs floating around on my spotify. I just find his music so relaxing!

enemies: post malone ft dababy

Post Malone is one of my favourite artists, and like Power is Power, I found this in my fave artists playlist, and have been loving playing it on my most recent playlist!

cradles: sub urban

I think most people know this song from Tiktok, but I found it through a trailer for Killing Eve and I have been obsessed ever since. I really like the beat drop and the different sounds; I feel like I haven’t found something like this in a long long time!

roses (imanbek remix): saint jhn, imanbek

I think we all know this song from Tiktok, and if not, where have you been???? When I was like 14, this style of song was the style I was really into, and I still feel like in my 18-year-old self, there is an underlying part of this in my current music taste! This would be a great song to play in the clubs (I’m still sad that corona robbed me of my first night out)

So that’s my round up of my current favourite songs, let me know some of your favourites in the comments, I’m always open to suggestions! Hope you have a fab week,

by mills x


  1. thanks for these lovely suggestions millie! can't wait to check em out xx one of my favourites atm is superhero by lauv xx

    1. you're welcome!! i LOVEEEE that song so much, lauv is such a talented artist! x


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