productive day + a lie in... (let's find a balance)

It is fair to say my routine hasn’t stuck since going into lockdown, and I have been sleeping in a lot later and going to bed later. BUT… I’m still productive (at least on most days). How does this work I hear you ask??? Well I’ve got some tips that will help you stay productive and motivated as well as enjoying a lie in! I do understand that not all of these tips will help everyone but these are the ones that personally work for me!

-        find your most productive hours

This does take some time to understand, but since I have been lying in, I don’t get a lot done in the mornings, so will be most productive in the afternoon. This is because I spend some time getting ready, even though I don’t make loads of effort every day! I use the afternoon to get the majority of my tasks done, and if not all, the most important ones of the day will get done in this time. I will continue into the evening if need be, but I will leave the smaller tasks to this time, as they are easier to complete!

-        plan the night before

I really should do this more, but some nights I plan the following day so that I go to bed knowing what I need to get done! This helps me to find focus during the day and helps me to get up. I use my annual planner from ‘inkoutsidethebox’ which is from Jack Edwards’ company. I really do swear by this planner and it helps me so much in my day-to-day life! As well as this, I use the chrome extension ‘momentum’ as a great way to create to-do lists. I would highly recommend using both of these to keep your life on track, like I do with mine :))

-        have something that will make you move

It’s great to have a lie in, don’t get me wrong, but after a while you get sucked into a social media world, lost on Tiktok and 3 hours later you’ve wasted so much time! The best thing I’ve found to do to get out of bed is to have something that will make you get out of bed. For me, this is a coffee most days (I’m a bit of an addict, lol help). Every Monday I get out of bed to watch Killing Eve on my laptop and I really do find that this helps!

-        reward yourself in the evening

Nothing is better than winding down in the evening. Lockdown is so different to normal life and our days don’t have to be spent constantly being productive, and I definitely think at the minute, people need to be prioritising mental health! So have a cut off point (mine is 8pm) and watch Netflix, grab a cuppa and a snack, and just take time to look after yourself!

I hope all of these tips are useful, I have tried to come up with some tips that maybe others haven’t mentioned before, hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and happy during quarantine! My messages on Instagram and Twitter are always open, I just want to make sure that everyone is coping well.

by mills x

Disclaimer: these photos are taken from pinterest and are not my own. I have been struggling to get photos recently!


  1. Great post! Totally agree with finding your productive hours - for me this is in the early morning :)

    Keeley xx

    1. you're so lucky you can work early morning! my days don't really start until 11am at the earliest!! x


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