how i'm feeling about a-levels

The day this post goes live would have been just under a week before I would have sat my first A-Level exam, but obviously due to Coronavirus, they have cancelled all exams this year and being one of the affected years means I am unsure as to what the future may have in store for me. As I’m writing this, I am in the process of finalising all of my non-exam assessment for one of my courses, but once that is done, I will be finished with all of my A-Level work, which is a scary thought.

Most people in my year believe the last 2 years have been a waste, but that isn’t the way I see it. A lot of my friends, classmates and people online are taking a degree or going into further work relevant to their A-Level choices, meaning that all the information and course content they have learned is going to help them and will be the foundations to degree learning. I find it unfortunate that a lot of people only see the negative side in such a stressful time, as the positive should be the way forward.

I will be honest and say I am annoyed that I can’t put all the knowledge I know into good use, and that I have spent hours of making resources to not use them, but the next best thing is passing them down. Luckily I have a friend in the year below me who is taking each one of my A-Level courses (Maths, Psychology and PE), so I am able to collect all my notes and give them to people who will need them, as from what I’ve heard, year 12 don’t have it easy either. I’m trying to look at the positive and by helping others, that’s the best thing I can do.

Obviously, these grades depend on whether I am going to get into university. I am hoping my teachers have faith in me to give me a grade we both know I deserve. Unlike others, I am not stressing as much as I have put in a lot of work since I began my A-Levels almost 2 years ago. As well as this, I am very lucky that my university offer is fairly low and by predicted grades are quite high, so I am pretty confident in getting a place at my chosen university.

I’m shocked that I’ve kept this to a rather short ramble, usually I can’t stop! If you were meant to be taking exams this year, how are you feeling? If not, how are you finding online school/work from home? Hope you have a fab week,

by mills x


  1. Really glad you are seeing the positives from this situation :) You have still learnt knowledge, skills and ways to improve yourself academically and personally which will be put to use later, even though it can’t be put to use in exams ��

    Keeley xx

    1. exactly! i can't be pessimistic about it! can't wait to see what the future brings x

  2. Ooh It was really interesting to read this post. I feel similar but to you - I should be sitting my chemistry gcse right now and it’s not been a waste but I still feel like it has!
    Ginger blogger

    1. thanku! i know my knowledge will be useful for the next few years so it hasn't all been a waste! x

  3. Oh gal! I feel you! Initially I was definitely so frustrated when the exams got cancelled, but obviously some things are more important. It was suppose to be my second exam today and it does suck that we can't put all of our hard work into these final exams, but fingers crossed we both get the grades we deserve!
    Grace xx

    1. yes a massive good luck to you gal! I'm sure you've put in the work and it'll all work out for you!! x


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