my june goals!

As lockdown continues, I’m trying to stay as motivated and productive as possible (shock), and one way I’m trying to continue this is with setting myself some goals. I like to set out my weekly goals but am ready to set out something I can monitor over a period of time. I do track my habits with my habit tracker in my planner, but I never properly set goals so today I am going to share them and at the end of the month I will look back on them and see if I have achieved them, and if not, I will carry on working towards them.

goal one- to keep my mental health up

It is fair to say my mental health has took a hit recently, so I’m hoping to keep it up this next month by staying happy and productive, as well as finding a balance and taking some time to care for myself.

goal two- improve my fitness

At the start of April, I kept pulling my shoulder so I struggled to complete a lot of exercise, meaning I just had to call it quits. But I’m noticing that I don’t have my pre-lockdown physique, so I am going to try to improve my fitness as best as possible. I am also going to take this time to work on my flexibility again, as I haven’t been doing a lot since I stopped dance just over 2 months ago.

goal three- try and save as much as possible

Lockdown has been okay for my spending, but hasn’t been the best, so I am hoping this month that I only spend for items I really need. This will really help me to continue saving for university next year, which is a more long-term goal of mine.

goal four- have a deep clean of my room

I have been doing some cleaning during lockdown, but I am really needing a deep clean of my bedroom before I leave for university. Plus, I need to really tackle under my bed, as I just put a lot of things under there! I feel like this will allow me to have a proper declutter: something I feel I really need to do. As well as tackling my bed, I will also declutter my clothes, as I know there’s items in my wardrobe that I just don’t wear!

goal five- create a proper blog schedule

Finally, a blog related goal. Since I started my blog back up again, just over a month ago, I never created an actual schedule, however, I feel like creating a proper schedule will allow me to stay on top of when I take photos, when I write, edit etc. I am currently in the process of doing this so keep an eye out on my Instagram for this!


I hope these goals motivate you to stay productive also. If you have any monthly goals you’d like to achieve, tell me in the comments I’d love to chat! Have a fab month,

by mills x


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