year 11 advice: exams, stress and motivation!

Here's me at 8 am yesterday morning with my results! I am very very happy!

I thought this would be a good post to upload, as yesterday was results day and ultimately the day where I saw if my work has paid off, in which it did, so now is the perfect time to give my advice to the next set of year 11's that will be going to sit their exams!

1. Revise for your mocks.

No matter what people say, mocks are so important because it allows you to know what levels you are working out and what you need to work on. It is so important also as it allows you to get into a revision routine, something you will have to get used to when full-on revision begins! You get into the mindset you need when you are revising in exam season, and you will find revision a lot easier later on into college studies.

2. Don't stress.

It is easier said than done but year 11 is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be! It goes incredibly quick, and you just have to be prepared for it all. Reduce stress by meditating or listening to music, whatever calms you down. As long as you are set up and ready for the year, the stress should hopefully stay down, and you shouldn't burn out!

3. Always ask for help.

The people around you are the best for support, your teachers, siblings and parents are all there for you, and whenever you need help they will be willing to give you it. I could not have survived and achieved the grades I have got if it weren't for asking for help from my teachers and my family. You may think it's embarrassing, but the teachers understand as students will go to see them every day! They know the feeling, they've been through it themselves!

4. Don't burn yourself out, take some time to relax.

This was something I didn't do as often as I should have and kind of paid the price as I really struggled through my November mocks :( . You need time to chill: watch a film or a tv show you like, go for walks, do activities on the weekend, something to relax you before some of the harder revision kicks in! 

5. Try and keep motivated.

Again, this is easier said than done but if you are not motivated you will not revise which could be bad in the long run. Motivation is key, because if you are demotivated the effort you put it will be minimal. Success is relative and I believe the amount you put in results in the grades you earn at the end of it. To keep motivated try watching vlogs with studying in them, or maybe some podcasts, whatever inspires you. 

I hope you liked this little advice post! What year will you be going into next year, love

Amelia Xx
(it's mee)


  1. I wish I did some of the things you mention in your posts like staying motivated. It probably would have helped me to achieve higher grades but I’m still greatful for what I got xx

    1. as long as you're grateful! just take this advice with you into college! Xx


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