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I'm back after NCS with a post I have been planning to do since I got my room re-decorated back in April but I haven't got round to it until now! I wouldn't say that my room is extremely aesthetic, but I try to make it! it is also very light which I like because it makes my room seem very fresh and airy.

As you walk into my room, there is 2 wire racks on the wall and these were from Wilko (£4 each), which I just stick important documents on (I actually don't have any right now!) and then the first bit of furniture you come across is a set of Malm drawers from Ikea. On the top of the cabinet, I have a set of 3 cacti from Ikea also, along with my Newton's cradle, a picture of me and my boyfriend at Prom in a floral frame, and a 'Dream' sign which I think is from Matalan, and I will try and link it! 

 Above the drawers there are 2 flower pictures, and we have had these for years so I don't know where they are from but I think they work so well with the room! My drawers are the Malm drawers in White, and I will link these! They are so large and spacious, which I think is so useful, as it can store lots of my clothes, and that is a must for me!

The next couple of things that are in my room are my wardrobe which has a full length mirror on, and it is detachable! It is from Argos I think, but I can't find the link anywhere! :( My wardrobe is actually built into my house so I've had it ever since I moved into this house. Next to my wardrobe I have my clothes rack which is from Ikea, I have some of my favourite clothes on there, and at the bottom I have some of my favourite trainers, which include my Vans and Converse. I also have my current schoolbag which was my sisters, and I'm sure this is from Matalan.

The next thing you come across in my room is my desk which is the Alex/Linnmon desk, which was from Ikea. It has 2 sets of Alex drawers at each end and they hold my makeup and other beauty bits as well as some of my school/revision stuff! On one side of my desk I have a picture of me at Prom, along with my makeup brushes in an Ikea Skurar Pot, which I loveeeee! As well as this I have a jewellery plate from Next, which has a pair of eyelashes on, and it is so pretty! I also keep my sunglasses on my desk and these are from New Look.

On the other side I have a little mirror which is from Wilko, and again I will try to link it but I did get it a little while ago. I also have a little cactus which was given to me from my Year 6 teacher and TA, as well as little letter A for Amelia. I have another Skurar pit which holds some of my stationery, and the rest is in my drawers. I also have a grey clock which is from Primark and I love it but at night I have to shove it under my bed because of the ticking noise it makes! I also have the Ranarp lamp from Ikea which is so nice to use as lighting for my blog pictures sometimes!

Next to my desk I have a wall planner which I recently bought from Amazon, and it will be so useful when I go back to school! As well as this I have my Malm 2 drawer side table which holds a lamp as well as a candle with the letter A on. I also keep my iPad on this side when I'm not using it, as well as my headphones and I also keep a drink on the side and as per usual I have an iced coffee!

And the final thing in my room is my bed which is where I spend the most time! I'm not sure where the bed is from itself as it was my parents but the duvet is from Matalan, and the two cream cushions are from Wilko, and the floral cushion and the sparkly cushion are from Matalan!

And that's all for my bedroom! I love it so much and it is such a good space for both working and chilling! If you would like to see a 'What's in my Alex drawers' post, let me know because that is something I am happy to do! love,

Amelia Xx
(it's mee)


Wire Racks-
Ikea Malm Drawers-
Newton's Cradle-$ja=tsid:59156|acid:444-797-0832|cid:189934525|agid:18091995445|tid:pla-96719775205|crid:77627771845|nw:g|rnd:8897690785035998958|dvc:c|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:1006752&gclid=CjwKCAjwzenbBRB3EiwAItS-uzefojta8Lw2kWwEJrbyduj25aNl_SgFETxjdMLXxV_i67uhzgwvyRoC1Y0QAvD_BwE
Hanging Mirror (similar) -
Ikea Rigga Clothes Rack-
Ikea Alex Linnmon Desk-
Ikea Skurar Pots-
Eyes Jewellery Plate-
Desk Mirror-
Ikea Ranarp Lamp-
Wall Planner-
Ikea Malm 2 Drawers-
Duvet Cover- can't find the link :(
Cushions- (Cream are Similar):


  1. I love this post Amelia. Your room is so nice, I am also renovating my room which is so long but hopefully I can get it to look as nice as yours x

    1. Thank you! I was so unsure about posting it as I wasn't sure if people would like it but I'm glad you liked it! X


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