a week in oufits! - collab with bethxkate

I'm finally back after 2 weeks of not posting and I just want to apologise for this because ever since starting sixth form, it really has been non-stop! I also want to apologise for the quality of this post, in particular the photos because I really have struggled to take pictures this week, as I haven't really told many people at sixth form about my blog!

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this post as it is in collab with one of my lovely friends Beth from BethxKate! She is doing the same post as me, as we are both in sixth form but the difference is that she doesn't have a dress code whereas I do! I will leave the links to her blog and her post below and it would be amazing if you would check out her blog, as she has amazing content, and she is very talented!

My dress code as sixth form is just classed as 'smart', so you'll see over the week that I wear the same style of clothes. Some of the clothes, particularly trousers and shoes are the same, as I don't have a wide selection of these! Also I did pretty much wear the same blazer all week with these outfits, but it was the only one that went with every outfit! But I will try to link all the products below, or find something similar!


Shock horror- Amelia actually wore a skirt and it really was a bad decision that day! My tights were the main issue, laddering so badly I had to take them off on the bus home!


Was back to my roots wearing trousers, and it was school photos :( so I wore a pretty top!


I actually forgot to take a photo of my outfit on Wednesday and then put my trousers in the wash! So unfortunately there is no photo just because of my own stupidity! However, I wore dark red paper bag trousers, with a basic white cami blouse on, and grey flats. I loved this outfit so I'm gutted I can't show it! My entire outfit was from Primark because they are KILLING it at the minute!


I went back to my black trousers on Thursday and paired it with a ribbed muted pink long sleeved top and my usual shoes for Sixth Form! A simple outfit which I loved.

Trousers- same as above!
Shoes- same as above!


I ventured out a little on Friday and wore green trousers- yes- green. It was out of my comfort zone but I really liked them! I paired it with a simple black top and shoes, and the same blazer!

I hope you liked looking at what I wear for sixth form! I do apologise for the quality of this post, I just really wanted to get it up! As I said, be sure to check out Beth's blog, and read her post to see the difference in outfits!

Not sure when I'll next be back, love

Amelia Xx
(it's mee)

Beth's post:


  1. I loved reading this and seeing what you wore in the week! The dress code at my sixth form is the same! Not many sixth forms have a formal dress code so it was nice to get some more inspiration! I loved the green trousers especially. All the best for sixth form! - Alex // alexandraageorgiaa.wordpress.com xx


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