wearing mom jeans for the first time...

I have wanted a pair of Mom jeans for the longest time, and when I recently saw a pair in my local Primark in the sale, I couldn't resist! I wore them for the first time in Leeds last week and I was a little nervous I won't lie but after an hour or so I started to feel a lot more comfortable! So I thought I would get some pictures whilst walking around Trinity Kitchen, and write a little post because I love them sooo much!

My Mom jeans are from Primark as I said and they were FIVE POUNDS!!! They were reduced from thirteen pounds which again is not very expensive either but a bargain like that can not go unnoticed! I have never tried Primark's jeans but from wearing them a few times in the past week, I can say they are so comfortable! I love the massive back pockets and I just love the fit, although I do have to wear a belt as I have a small waist, but I think it adds to a look most of the time! I love the frayed bottoms and I just think they look really edgy. The colour is one that I would never think that I would suit but I am really starting to like it more and more!

With my new favourite jeans, I wore my 'Original' graphic tee from Miss Selfridge which comes out so bright on the pictures, but it is just pretty simple, and has the writing across the chest in big bold letters. On my feet I wore my Old Skool Vans because they are the comfiest shoes I own and they work so well with the rest of the outfit. I know you can't see them very well but I also wore these baseball-esque socks which worked well with my t-shirt as the stripes on them are red and navy, which are the same as the top! On my back I had my Fiorelli backpack, which I use all the time, and I just love it!

Have you tried the Mom jeans trend?? love,

Amelia Xx
(it's mee)


  1. These jeans look so good on you and that price is just incredible! I am still yet to try mom jeans but they are definitely on my wishlist right now so I will have to check out Primark!
    Grace xx

    1. wow i’m so late to replying to this haha! thankyou so much, i would definitely check primark! they’re so good at the minute X


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