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I'm back today with a travel post and if you hadn't seen on my Instagram and Twitter, I went to London and Liverpool during my first week of half term. For those of you who don't know, London is my favourite place on this planet, and Liverpool is another city I love, so returning to both cities was such an amazing experience!

Day 1- Crazy Car Journeys & Windsor

The 3-4 hour journey to London was very long but was very entertaining thanks to Radio 1's Greatest Hits (I'm old!) and my sisters amazing (sarcasm levels at a maximum) singing skills! We decided to go to Windsor, to the castle, however, when we got there it was extremely busy, so changed our mind and chose to go on Wednesday Morning instead. Windsor was a beautiful town and reminded me so much of York, Lincoln and Beverley which are all quite close to my hometown!

Day 2- St. Paul's, Starbucks & The Southbank

1st day in London and I was so excited!! The weather was dull but it didn't dampen my mood as I couldn't wait to get back into the city, even if it took an hour and a half! We first went to St Pauls Cathedral, as when I last visited last August we only briefly looked around. We travelled to the Tate Modern and looked around the exhibitions before having a Double Chocolate Chip Frapuccino with cream which was sooooo nice!! We took a walk down the Southbank to Borough Market, before having tea at Café Rouge.

Day 3- Trying Street Food and Markets Galore!

2nd day in the city and it was a tiring one. Our first stop was Carnaby, Regent and Oxford Street which meant I spent a little bit of money...oops! A haul will be up on Sunday! My family and I then travelled back to Borough Market as we wanted to try some of the food they had to offer and I really liked the food I had which was a hog roast bun with apple sauce and crackling! After this we were unsure of where to go as we've done all the typical tourist attractions before so we went to Camden as I really like that area, and surprise: we went to the market which was so nice!! We then went to our 3rd market: Covent Garden, and in this area was an amazing street performer who we watched escape from ropes, chains and a straight jacket in 2 minutes! The day was topped off on the tube home though, after being blessed with a fit lad next to me! But of course I made myself look like an idiot by trapping my bag on the chair!!

Day 4- Windsor Castle & Traveling to Liverpool

After not going inside the castle on Sunday, we left London and travelled to Windsor and looked around the magnificent castle grounds. It was so regal and not really my cup of tea but it was nice to look around. And then we were onto part 2 of our trip: Liverpool, which took almost 5 hours when it was supposed to take 3. If it wasn't for my music, Sandbox and my best friend, I wouldn't have made it through that journey. We dropped our bags off and went straight for food, and we went to Pizza Hit which was so nice as I'd craved pizza all day but left me incredibly bloated because I keep having a bad reaction to cheese I think, because it happened on the first night too. :(

Day 5- LOTS of shopping & The Nicest Restaurant

SHOPPING DAY. I was so excited to hit the shops and they didn't disappoint, so expect a haul coming Thursday. ;) After shopping till we drop, literally, my family and I went for a walk down to the Albert Dock before going for food at a lovely restaurant called The Head of Steam. It has such a lovely atmosphere, the staff are incredibly nice and the food is incredible, so if you live in the Liverpool area, go and check them out! They also have 10 other restaurants across the UK, and are about to open a 12th. This is not sponsored by them or anything, I just think it was such a nice place to go.

Day 6- Chester & Coming Home

Our final day, and we took a little journey to Chester and looked around the city, walked along the river, and looked in a few shops before heading home where again, we were hit with horrible traffic, but that's nothing that writing posts and music can't solve (well for me anyway!).

I love writing about travelling, and I hope you liked reading this post!! What's your favourite city?? love

mee xo


  1. I always forget how lucky I am to live near Liverpool, it is so beautiful! Also these photos are stunning!
    Grace xx


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