Autumn School Morning Routine

I remember when I first started blogging, this was one of the first posts I did and is one of my most viewed posts, which is still quite a shock, so I've decided to write another post on what I get up to on a school morning. 

I usually wake up at 6:15, which is early I know, but I'm used to getting up this early because I've done it for 4 years! The first thing I do is scroll through my phone and have a little update on social media, catch up on the things I've missed, and I usually do this for about 10 minutes before getting out of bed, and heading to the bathroom, where I do my usual skincare routine, where I use the Neutrogena Cleanser, followed by the Mario Badescu Facial Spray and the Simple Light Moisturiser. I brush my teeth (because that's what any normal person does) and head back to my bedroom. 

I then put on my uniform, and my jewellery I wear for school, before moving onto hair and makeup. For my hair, I usually stick to 3 hairstyles: ponytail, bun and half up half down ponytail, just because my hair is out of my face! And then onto makeup, and now I'm in year 11 I'm allowed to, finally!! (it's not like I've waited for 2 years for this!) I stick to minimal makeup because that's what the rules state. The products I use are: 

After this I pack my bag if I haven't done the night before. I use a rucksack from New Look and I love it!! I head downstairs and grab my breakfast which really isn't healthy, I don't have a smoothie or avocado on toast or anything like that! Usually I'll just have Cheerios or Toast, because it's quick and simple and I like it! 

And at about 7:45 I head out of my house, stick on some music and head to school. 

I hope you liked this little insider to my life on a school morning. I have an evening routine going up next week, so stay tuned!! love 

mee xo


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