My Summer Bucket List!

I'm not wishing my summer away but its only 1 month and a day before I go back to school. (Inside I'm crying). And within this next month I want to pack in so many new things and try to be productive as I can.

So this is my summer bucket list. I'm going to try to stick to this although I'm making no promises! Keep updated on my social medias which I will link at the bottom to see if I manage to do everything!!

Read- I have been in and out of reading since I started secondary school which is 4 years ago now, and I really want to get myself back into it because I do enjoy it, I just have to find the right book! The books I'm going to try and read this summer are: All the Bright Places, 13 Reasons Why, We Were Liars and The Girl on the Train. I definitely will not read all four of these, I'm just hoping to read 1 maybe 2!! Wish me luck!!

(This picture is from 2010, I'm on the left and I'm only 8!!)
Get a Tan- This one will hopefully happen as I am going abroad for two weeks where the average temperature is 30 degrees, so fingers crossed! I don't tan as well as the rest of my family, so it'll be a miracle if i'm anywhere close to the colour they are!!

Experiment with my Style- I love my style, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I just want to be so much more daring and venture into some new trends. As well as fashion I also want to be more adventurous with my makeup and try new looks! And when I do this I'm sure they'll be a post so keep your eyes peeled!!

Go to one of my favourite places more often- When I'm writing this, i'm in my favourite place. (And no, it's not my bed unfortunately!) I'm at my local beach but away from the hustle and bustle. There's a small dog beach where I love to just sit, and listen to music, and just write. I've been here twice in the past two days and I just love it!! It's so peaceful. And plus, it's local, so I'm only 15 minutes away from it! I can hop on a bus and just sit here! Plus McDonalds is really close if I ever fancy some chicken nuggets!!

So I hope you enjoyed My Summer Bucket List!! What are you hoping to achieve this summer??? Let me know in the comments, love

mee xo


  1. You're so lucky to live near a beach! I love going to a park near my house. Something I want to do this summer is go on a roller coaster at the moment I'm to scared aha x

    1. I honestly love it!! I'm going to admit, I'm too scared too, I'm not the biggest fan of rollercoasters!!xx

  2. I have been trying to read more this summer too, I would highly suggest All The Bright Places, it is such a beautiful book!
    Grace xx

    1. Thankyou, I go on holiday on Friday and I'm hoping to spend a lot of time reading and I am definitely taking this book!! good luck xx


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