My Goals for September!

New School Year, New Goals. I want to start off the year well and set these goals to try and make September as productive as I can. I have never done a goals post before and I don't normally set New Years Resolutions, so this is something new for me!

1. Carry On Reading.
I have managed to read all of All The Bright Places in August and I am proud of myself for doing that, and I feel like I need to be as academic as I can this year, and I feel like reading will help me. I also really enjoyed it last month so I want to carry it on!

2. Do More Revision for Subjects I Struggle in.
I'd probably say that my worst three subjects are English, Science and History, and I really want to do well in GCSEs so I want to put in the extra work, especially in Science more than anything because I would like an A/8 in it, as it's the route I may take after school, along with Maths and PE.

3. Become a Better Blogger
Nobody is perfect and my blog is far from perfect! Throughout this month I really want to get better, especially with my pictures! Another thing I would like to get better at is scheduling tweets and taking part in more blogger chats, as I usually forget!!

4. Get Myself into a Routine
I'm usually okay with a routine in the morning, but when I get home, I'm all over the place!! I want to try and sort out and schedule things i.e. my homework, time on social media, dance and blogging. I am quite an organised person, it's just that I want to be more organised!!

So I hope you enjoyed this short chatty post!! Let me know a goal you have for September in the comments!! love

mee xo


  1. I love posts like these, making goals is so important and I definitely have ones very similar to what you have put in this post! I'm going into my GCSE year this year and I am so bad at history too so I really want to get better at that I guess!
    Grace xx

    1. i hope you do well in your gcses!!! good luck for year 11 xoxo


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