i can take a sheep to the moon but not a cow... (Nottingham Summer School Post)

Well this is all a bit weird, not been blogging now for 9 months, but here I am, summer has started and I'm back (hopefully). I finished sixth form last Friday (12th), and over the past week (14th-19th) I have attended the Nottingham Potential Summer School on the Sports, Physio and Nutrition strand with the University of Nottingham. I'm not being paid to say any of this by the way, but I can honestly say that it was one of the best weeks probably of my life as cheesy as it sounds! The atmosphere created there with a bunch of students who were strangers on the Sunday afternoon was amazing as the week went on and I myself have probably made friends for life (I hope!) There's already talks of multiple reunions, be that with my academic strand (the best) or my tutor group (you're an iconic bunch)! 

Obviously what you're there for is an experience into university and that's exactly what we got both academically and socially. Over 4 days, my academic group took part in 8 different sessions focusing on areas such as sports psychology, physiotherapy, injury prevention and biomechanics. Not everything was to my taste but that's fine, it's what the week is for, however I'm still torn choosing between Sports Psychology and Sports Rehabilitation. :( I can say though that the sessions were pretty enjoyable for the most part (apart from biomechanics which I hateeeeee) and I've loved learning new things about sports and myself (I'm the same height as Beyoncé)! A big shoutout to my academic strand though, working with the 15 of you has been brilliant, you're all stars, I wish everyone the best! 

As well as academic lessons we've had sessions on lots of different topics such as personal
statements, finance, networking and student life. These have been so informative, and has given me more confidence in applying and living at uni. The ambassadors have been incredibly useful all week but particularly in these sessions it's been so helpful to have their input as students of the uni. I have taken a lot away from these sessions and I'm glad they were incorporated into the week, even if you get a lil tired because of the jam packed days you have!

However the best part of the week was definitely the social aspect of it all, whether that be eating breakfast with my friends every day, the evening activities we did or just the time we had to chill, it was the bets part by far! I do hope I've made some friends for life as everyone there was incredibly friendly, welcoming and caring! Although we all shared a very first world problem before even meeting each other: did we watch Love Island? (thankfully we all did). Big thank you to everyone there, students, staff and ambassadors for bringing out the social aspects, and holding some really fun nights!

I couldn't not write this post without a mention of Wednesday night which was quiz night! We had burgers at the Student's Union, before taking part in a quiz in our tutor groups, which was so much fun to be in competition with everyone! Unfortunately we didn't win (congrats to Tutor Group F) but I had enjoyed that night for many reasons other than the actual quiz itself. In the middle of the quiz, the ambassadors decided to hold a mini dance party, where someone in my group yelled at me "Start a conga!" and that's exactly what I did: little did I know 150+ people were going to join in! Honestly the whole situation was so overwhelming but incredibly fun, and for someone from a small town who came to summer school knowing no-one, it was something I am so proud of myself for doing: for having the confidence to do it was massive for me! 
(please excuse the singing- not my forte)

I don't want this post to get too long and I'm aware that it is so i just want to thank everyone, particularly anyone I have worked with over the past week. Tutor Group B and the Sports strand: I couldn't have asked for better people to work with and I hope to see you all at the mid-year reunion, and I'm sure we'll have our own little reunion before then! 3 particular individuals that I would like to name because you're honestly my faves and i love you all so much: Vic, Jacob and Annie. Vic you were the first person I met and also turned out to be in the room next to me, along with Annie, and I loved and will miss our girly chats. Annie, you're insane, and to have you and Jacob in both groups, I couldn't ask for better friends. Finally, Jacob- I appreciate you more than you know and I am thankful for everything including our 1 am FaceTime calls, even if your feet are grim! :(

I honestly couldn't recommend this week enough so if you're currently Year 11, look out for so many opportunities next year for summer schools, doesn't have to be Nottingham, as it was an incredible experience, one I'll never forget! Bring on the reunion...

amelia jade :)


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