How I Revise For My Mocks!

At request of one of my friends. I've decided to spontaneously write this post, as I know that some people struggle revising, so I am sharing some of the ways I revise and the techniques I use! I am currently midway through my mocks, so when this post goes up, I'll probably be revising! 

Mind Maps

This is probably the main way I revise, as I am a visual learner, so find things easier to learn if they are presented on a page with colour, because they stand out more for me. Once you have completed your mind map, highlight the key points that you need to know: this should help you remember the facts a lot more! 

Also add a post it note, and write down each subheading on the post it, so when you go to revise it again, you can look at the subheading and from that, write down everything you know about the topic. Then underneath in a different colour, write down the things you forgot, and this should remind you that you need to revise this again. 

Revision Cards

Revision Cards I think are the quickest resources to make and also can be used in many different ways, but I find the easiest way to use them is to write questions on the front and the answers on the back. When revising revision cards, place them into 3 piles when you answer the questions: on pi
le for completely understand, one pile for partly understand, and one pile for do not understand. This might sound mean, but be harsh on yourself a little, because you could lie to yourself and say that you fully understand the question, but you might only partly know it! 

Past Paper Questions

One way I use not so often but does work for me is past paper questions, because it's all good knowing the knowledge, but if you can't apply it to the questions you are going to struggle. You can get questions off the internet, or ask teachers as I'm sure they will print off some for you to complete and they will mark them.

Pomodoro Technique

This isn't necessarily a revision material to revise from, it's a technique used to schedule your work, and it is one I have been loving recently. So you work for periods of 25 minutes, each with a 5 minute break and after 4 sessions, take a longer break. This helps me to focus as I only have to work for 25 minutes before having a break. The long break at the end is the time to reward yourself: watch an episode of your favourite show, listen to music, get something to eat, whatever you want to do to just have a break! 

My General Revision Tips:

1. Revise little and often. Trying to cram in an entire subject a night before an exam is not the best idea as the likelihood is that it won't stick in your brain. 
2. Find out what learner you are, this will help you when creating revision resources. There are many tests on the internet that can help determine what type of leader you are! 
3. Take breaks. Like the Pomodoro technique, breaks are used to space out all the work. 
4. Make lists, but don't make them too extensive. Set a realistic goal for a day/night, so you know what you can get done.
5. Always keep hydrated and something that isn't really advised but I think it helps is have a snack, my faves are Magic Stars or Milkybar buttons, just so that you're treating yourself whilst revising! 

Link to 'What Type of Learner are You?':

love, mee xo


  1. Love the post! I revised in a similar way to you in the way that I made notes, then revision cards based off them and then used practise exams questions and I have to admit that it worked really well for my mocks! Hope your's go well! Xx

    1. thankyou!! so far they've gone well, but because of snow days, I have 5 left that I should have done yesterday, today and tomorrow, but school is cancelled! xx


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