A Bit About Me: My Style

Today I'm back with my third installment of my 'A Bit About Me' series, and this one is all about my style. My style recently has changed a little bit, and I've started to wear outfits that are a bit more out of my comfort zone, but then again, I've loved being that bit more daring! 

In terms of my style inspirations, I have a few and they are all on YouTube. They are: Olivia Grace, ItsAilish, and Grace Shadrack from Grace and Grace (the blonde one!). I really like the styles of all 3 girls, I think they are so sassy, cute and a bit badass, which I like. 

Currently, my favourite items to wear are: hoop earrings, my New Balance trainers, black jeans and my cut out band tee. I think that some of these items completely transform my look, and it adds to the sass! 

When it comes to shopping, my favourite places to shop are Topshop, Primark and I'm liking the style from Urban Outfitters, however I have never bought anything from there! Maybe one day... I also really like Bershka and Pull and Bear but the closest ones to me are London and Manchester, which are about 2-4 hours away, and I rarely do online shopping, so I don't really shop there a lot!

Who are your style inspirations?? love, 

mee xo


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