July Faves!!

Where is this year going?? I say this every month but really, how is it nearly August already?! I'm just happy now, I finished school 5 days ago which is really late, but I'm so happy year 10 is over!! Today I'm writing a favourites post, and I always love writing these because they are the easiest posts for me!

My first favourite is my Adidas Gazelles. I got these for my birthday and since then the have been my favourite shoes!! They are so comfy and go with pretty much every outfit because they are grey. I can just slip them on pretty much straight away and that's what I like about them! If you haven't got these shoes, I would seriously recommend investing in some as they are such nice quality and so so comfy!!

My next favourite is the Body Fantasies Spray in Twilight Mist. I bought this about a month ago and every time I have taken it to school everyone's said that it smells amazing and they think it's really expensive, however as a matter of fact it is only £3.99. The range is amazing and so worth the price. I am definitely going to buy more of these in the future!

I have also been loving a few different songs. My two favourites this month have been 2U by
David Guetta ft Justin Bieber and Unforgettable by French Montana ft Swae Lee. I'm not the biggest fan of Justin Bieber but his vocals on the teach are amazing, and as always David Guetta is incredible!! I didn't really like this song at first but I have really grown to love it! I think that Unforgettable is a song that I wouldn't normally listen to but it has a kind of summery feel to it which is what I like. I will be listening to these probably 100s of times throughout the next month, when I'm traveling or whilst I'm on holiday!!

One of my favourite beauty items has been the Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Damson. I saw this on Gabriella's YouTube channel from her March Favourites I think, but I have never got round to buying it and using it until this month! I love blue, and it's always going to be my favourite colour. I don't know how to describe it, it's kind of a light royal blue. It's only £3.99 which is so good, as I think Barry M have some of the best nail polishes there are!!

Another beauty favourite has been the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights. Mine is a bit battered and bruised, so you can't see the writing!! This is such a subtle but build-able highlighter, that I have sometimes been wearing for school, but not that often. It's perfect for the minimal makeup days too, and as I haven't been wearing that much makeup this month, this product has been perfect!!

My final favourite is a bit of a weird one and it has been Bullet Journal videos. I do not own a bullet journal but it is something I would like to get into and have a go at in 2018. I just love watching everyone's set ups of their monthly pages as well as the weekly ones. They look so tidy and when I start I know that mine will definitely be nowhere near the standard of the ones I've watched!

I hope you've had an amazing July and I hope you enjoyed this post!! I loved writing it! Starting this week, I have an extra upload on a Tuesday at 5pm!! What were some of your favourites this month??? Let me know in the comments, love

mee xo


  1. I love the MUR highlighters, they're really nice for the price!

    Emily xo


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