Welcome to my blog!

So this is something new.

Hi, I'm Amelia, I'm a typical 15 year old (only just) who loves beauty, fashion and photography. I hope to develop this blog into a hobby as I enjoy writing, and I have an interest in blogging/vlogging and YouTube.

I am in year 10 at school, which means I have to do my GCSEs in about a year and a half. Yikes. For my options I have taken PE, Textiles, History and French, as well as the compulsory subjects and I really enjoy a lot of my subjects.

I also dance, and I have done since January 2009. I do 3 classes per week, where I am currently practicing for a dance show my dance school does annually. I am very excited to take part in this event on the 25th of March.

So yeah, that's a little bit of information about my life, hope you enjoyed! Make sure to follow my social media down below!!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ameliahooper02?lang=en
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsmee.x/
Snapchat: ameliahooper5


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