What I Got For Christmas 2017!

Firstly, I would like to just say that this post should have gone up a few days earlier, however I have only just received all of my presents so it has gone up a lot later than expected, and I will explain why it has gone up so late, later. This Christmas I have received so many amazing presents and I am truly thankful for each and every one of them, and I may not have tonnes and tonnes of presents but to he honest, I didn't ask for much so some of these came as a surprise! Thank you to anyone who gave me a present, a card, or even just a message on my social medias, I am so grateful! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas too! 

Starting with my parents, the first present I received was one I was elated about since booking it last year: a Christmas holiday to Centre Parcs. Since finding out the news we'd be going, I have been counting down the days, and on the 22nd we travelled to Sherwood Forest to spend 6 days in the forest, including the 22nd. It has been an incredible holiday which I have truly enjoyed so far! It is safe to say I've found a new love for biking, as every day of the holiday I have wanted to go for a bike ride, although my legs felt a fair bit of pain the next day! I have to say that as much as I loved biking, I actually have got an injury from it in my knee which has caused a lot of pain over the past week, but I am on the mend. The food has been amazing, the forest is beautiful and everyone has been so merry and happy, even the staff working in Starbucks and the lifeguards at the pool! It is safe to say I've had one of the best Christmas' ever! This is also the reason that this post has gone up so late too, I haven't seen my family until New Years Eve, where we could all exchange presents!

My next present was another biggie and something I had asked for in the run up to my exams in May and June and it is the thing I am currently writing this on, and it was a laptop. I am extremely happy because it will be so useful for writing my blog posts, revising and researching, plus: online shopping! My dad decided to buy my laptop in a colour which has a running theme throughout my presents, which is the colour red: and this is good because it is currently one of my favourites!

Another item I received that I did ask for was a bullet journal, and I got the Leuchttrum1917 in you guessed it: red. I am nervous but excited to start using this at the beginning of the new year, as I have been practising calligraphy in the hope of receiving this present for Christmas, but it will be a big learning curve! I will hopefully keep you updated on here, as well as my Instagram @ameliaaa.____ .

I received 2 clothing items this year: both in red, one was a hoodie, which was featured in my December Favourites, as an early Christmas present, and the second was a T-shirt from Hollister. I love Hollister's t-shirts, and I'm sure this will be one of my favourites in the upcoming months! It is so soft and such amazing quality!

My next two presents were books. The first was The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. She is the author of my favourite book, Everything Everything, so I am very excited to read this after finishing Note to Self by Connor Franta. because her writing is incredible! The second book is It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne. This was a book I had seen every time I have walked into any book shop recently, and one that intrigued me, so I am very happy that I have this so I can figure out what it's all about.

The final few bits I got were some Cosy Reindeer Footlets, which are extremely comfy because I am wearing them right now! I also got a selection of chocolates including Maltesers, Milkybar and some chocolate coins! Thankyou Mum & Dad X

From my sister, I received a gorgeous grey watch from New Look, and I honestly wasn't expecting to receive this as mine was broken and I was fully prepared to buy my own, so I am very grateful for this present! Thankyou Elisha X

This year my grandparents gave me some money as it was pretty much all I asked for from them. I am very excited to spend this money in the future! They also got me a huge box of Maltesers which I'm sure will be gone by the end of the week! The final thing they got me was something I was not expecting and it was the Sleek Lip and Nail set in Rioja Red. This is such a daring shade but one I am very excited to try when testing out new makeup and different makeup looks! Thankyou X

My Auntie Cara & family gave me a voucher for Hollister which is priced at £30, and I was not expecting this and I am very thankful because I am sure it will be well spent as Hollister is one of my favourite shops. I also got some fluffy socks which I know I love because I have a similar pair, and they are the comfiest things ever! My next present was from my Auntie Sue & family and they bought me a Jack Wills fragrance set, which I am thankful for because I have been running out of all 3 of the sprays in this set, so they will definitely be used lots, because they are some of my favourite scents! From my great uncle and aunt, I received some money which I used to but the Soph X Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette, which again, was an early present. Thankyou all X

Finally, from my friends I got mainly chocolate because my friends know I eat wayyyy too much food, and they knew that I'd like it! From my friend Kaci, she got me a really pretty bracelet/anklet, it can be used as both: I prefer using it as an anklet, and I love the colours on it! My last lot of presents was from my best friend Tom, and he got me a bracelet which I'm not going to lie is a little big because I have really small wrists but I'm sure I'll grow into it, at least I hope I do because it is really nice! He also got me a set of candles but not just normal candles: Macaroon Candles, which look so cute and I can't wait to burn them! To top it all off he got me a load of sweets because he knows me very well! Thankyou to all of my friends X

I just want to say a massive thankyou to everyone who bought me a present this year, I am so grateful and I hope everyone had a fab Christmas, even though it was over a week ago! love

mee xo


  1. you received some wonderful gifts!

  2. Looks like you had a great Christmas! I actually think I got the same laptop as you for Christmas this year but in gold... What a Coincidence! I've seen 'the sun is also a star' loads in the shops but haven't read it yet but I might check it out! Hope the bullet journal goes well, I'm planning to start one too but never actually get round to doing it! Have a great new year! :) Xx


    1. definitely! Thankyou, I am hoping to get some posts up about bullet journaling when I get into it and used to setting up spreads a bit more! Have a good new year too! xx

  3. Laptops are life and make schoolwork way more easy, so lucky girl! I love bullet journalling and am looking forward to seeing some bujo!
    Those socks though, I am in love!

    - Hannah x


    1. I've been using it so much already, I'm so lucky! Thankyou, hopefully there should be some posts coming soon! Have an amazing new year X


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